Mango & Chilli Fish£ 4.95
Delicate fish cooked in subtle herbs with mango & chilli flakes. Served with fresh crisp salad & a lemon wedge.
Haash Tikka£ 4.95
Strips of prime duck breast, marinated then barbecued & served with a drizzle of honey, salad and Zoya’s exclusive sauce.
Kathi Kebab£ 4.95
Diced tender roasted chicken tossed with ginger, garlic, blended with minced green chilli, fresh coriander and spices. Served in a buttered chappati.
Makai Chicken£ 3.95
Tender strips of chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt, cream and cardamom seeds, grilled and coated with melted cheese.
Paneer Kumbi£ 4.95
Crispy coated goats cheese (deep fried) & garlic mushrooms stir fried with onions, cherry tomatoes and fresh coriander. A Starter to challenge your taste buds.
Saag Kumbi£ 4.95
Spinach cooked in light spices with herbs, coriander and cheese stuffed in whole mushrooms. A tasty & healthy delight.
Onion Bhajees£ 2.80
King Prawn Pakora£ 4.95
Fish Pakoras£ 3.50
Fish Tikka£ 3.50
Prawn Puree£ 3.50
Chicken Chaat£ 3.30
Mushroom Pakora£ 2.95
Chicken Pakora£ 3.20
Mixed Kebab£ 3.50
Onion Bhaji, Seekh Kebab and Shami Kebab.
Lamb Chops£ 3.95
Tandoori Chicken£ 3.20
Seekh or Shami Kebab£ 3.20
Chicken Tikka£ 3.20
Samosa (meat or veg)£ 2.95
Mixed Sizzler£ 3.95
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab with stir fried onions.
King Prawn Pathia£ 8.95
King Prawn Korma£ 8.95
King Prawn Rogon Josh£ 8.95
King Prawn Vindaloo£ 8.95
King Prawn Madras£ 8.95
King Prawn Dhansak£ 8.95
King Prawn Dopiaza£ 8.95
King Prawn Bhuna£ 8.95
Lamb or Chicken Tikka Pathia£ 6.95
Lamb or Chicken Tikka Korma£ 6.95
Lamb or Chicken Tikka Rogon Josh£ 6.95
Lamb or Chicken Tikka Vindaloo£ 6.95
Lamb or Chicken Tikka Madras£ 6.95
Lamb or Chicken Tikka Dhansak£ 6.95
Lamb or Chicken Tikka Dopiaza£ 6.95
Lamb or Chicken Tikka Bhuna£ 6.95
Vegetable Pathia£ 5.95
Vegetable Korma£ 5.95
Vegetable Rogon Josh£ 5.95
Vegetable Vindaloo£ 5.95
Vegetable Madras£ 5.95
Vegetable Dhansak£ 5.95
Vegetable Dopiaza£ 5.95
Vegetable Bhuna£ 5.95
Prawns Pathia£ 5.95
Prawns Korma£ 5.95
Prawns Rogon Josh£ 5.95
Prawns Vindaloo£ 5.95
Prawns Madras£ 5.95
Prawns Dhansak£ 5.95
Prawns Dopiaza£ 5.95
Prawns Bhuna£ 5.95
Meat Pathia£ 5.95
Meat Korma£ 5.95
Meat Rogon Josh£ 5.95
Meat Vindaloo£ 5.95
Meat Madras£ 5.95
Meat Dhansak£ 5.95
Meat Dopiaza£ 5.95
Meat Bhuna£ 5.95
Chicken Pathia£ 5.95
Chicken Korma£ 5.95
Chicken Rogon Josh£ 5.95
Chicken Vindaloo£ 5.95
Chicken Madras£ 5.95
Chicken Dhansak£ 5.95
Chicken Dopiaza£ 5.95
Chicken Bhuna£ 5.95
Bombay Bagri£ 6.95
A popular North Indian speciality. Skewered chicken marinated and laced in a medium spiced sauce with creamed coconut to provide a creamy & spicy curry.
Oulton Mixed Grill£ 9.95
A generous mixture of kebabs giving you a palette to remember. The McCoy of tandoori specialities.
Chicken Nuggets£ 6.95
Potato & Spinach Karahi£ 5.95
Goan Vegetable Curry£ 6.95
Mixed vegetables cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and whole spices, finished with a touch of creamed coconut & cream.
Roast Chicken£ 6.95
Omelette (Various)£ 6.95
Jalfrezi (Chicken or Lamb)£ 6.95
Cooked with fried onions, green chilies, tomatoes and herbs to a medium dry consistency. Medium.
Special Gobindhar£ 6.95
Cauliflower, Peas, Sweetcorn and Paneer cooked in a balti sauce. An Indian favourite.
Healthy Choice Chicken£ 6.95
A dish cooked with no oils or fats, just water and its own stock with use of garlic, mild spices, onions and herbs. A must for health conscious diners. (mild)
Mushroom and Paneer Balti£ 5.95
Button mushrooms marinated with East Indian herbs and spices and cooked with Indian cheese in a baltisan sauce.
Aloo Chaana Zafrani£ 6.95
A wonderful combination of potatoes, chick peas and paneer (Indian cheese) cooked in a medium spiced sauce.
Karahi£ 5.95
Cut pieces of Large King Edward potatoes baked and cooked with medium spices and spinach.
Karahi Vegetable£ 5.95
Mixed vegetables cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and whole spices Potato and Spinach
Tandoori King Prawns£ 11.95
King prawns marinated in yoghurt, fresh herbs and garlic flavour before being simmered with a massala sauce and cooked in the tandoori clay oven.
Tandoori Mixed Grill£ 8.95
A generous mixture of kebabs giving you a palette to remember. The McCoy of tandoori specialties.
Shaslick Chicken£ 7.95
Succulent pieces of grilled chicken/lamb served with stir fried onions, grilled peppers and tomatoes. A true chef’s speciality.
Shaslick Fish£ 8.95
Chunks of fish marinated in crushed black pepper, yoghurt, lime juice, herbs and spices cooked over charcoal. Served with grilled peppers and tomatoes.
Tandoori Murgh£ 6.95
Spring Chicken on the bone marinated in yoghurt with lemon juice, herbs and spices then barbecued using a succulent sauce.
Chicken Tikka Main Course£ 6.95
Supreme pieces of breast chicken infused with a special ‘tikka marinade’ and grilled in the tandoor and served with sautéed fried onions.
Lamb or Chicken Tikka£ 6.95
Mango Malayan£ 6.95
Chicken tikka cooked with a special mild sauce consisting of cream, coconut and mango pulp. It’s Creamy & Fruity!
Chicken Pasanda£ 6.95
Tender sliced lamb or chicken pieces cooked with fresh cream, cultured yoghurt and mixed groundnuts.
Chicken in a Cashew Sauce£ 7.95
Skewered chicken marinated and laced in cashew nuts. Cooked with milk and cream to add the nutty sauce.
Shalimar Karahi£ 6.95
Slightly spiced to taste the flavour of a curry with peppers, cream, cultured yoghurt and a variety of south Indian spices. It’s Creamy & Spicy!
Kashmiri Khana£ 6.95
This is one of the most aromatic dishes from the subcontinent. Spring chicken fillets slightly sweetened by creamed coconut, pineapple and garnished with sliced banana.
Chicken Makhani£ 6.95
Prime chicken fillets marinated with yoghurt, almonds, cream and cheese. Delicately simmered in a coconut sauce.
Butter Chicken Tikka£ 6.95
Succulent chicken cooked in a rich, creamy buttery sauce with almonds leaving a soothing taste.
Chicken Tikka Massala£ 6.95
The world famous dish is cooked with medium spices in a massala sauce. Available in Asian Style Dhesi spiced.
Chicken Khabani£ 7.95
Chicken cooked with medium spices, mixed masala herbs, eggs & green peas. a popular dish in West Bangal
Railway Cinnamon Curry£ 7.95
A Delhi Special. Spring chicken cooked with a medium spiced herbs, crushed cinnamon, fresh garlic & ginger. This curry is what you would find on an Indian train taking a long journey through the Indian mountains.
Haandi (Chicken or Lamb)£ 7.95
A relatively sophisticated dish developed by the Mongol emperors. A traditional dish cooked in a spicy sauce with potatoes, heavy use of fresh herbs, crushed ginger and bay leaf.
Zoya Chutney Chicken£ 7.95
A speciality dish cooked with spring chicken, tomatoes, garlic, spring onions and crushed black pepper. Garnished with fresh coriander and covered in mint sauce. A truly unique dish. Medium.
Hashnaji Flavour£ 7.95
Chicken or Lamb cooked with green chillies, coloured capsicum, spring opinions, fresh garlic and spinach. This astonishing dish is what you would eat at an Asian’s family’s Home. Strong medium spiced.
Nawaabi Khana (Chicken or Lamb)£ 7.95
The most complex of all great curries. Comprises 21 ingredients each roasted individually prior to being grained lending a deep rich colour to this mouth-watering dish. A Moghal’s spicy favourite.
Zara Flavour£ 6.95
An amazing mixture of spring chicken and lamb mince curried with spinach, cherry tomatoes, crushed ginger and lime juice. Garnished with red chillies. Medium to hot.
Murgh Rajastani (chicken)£ 6.95
Selected Kashmiri herbs & spices with tomatoes, capsicum, lemon, spring onions, green chilles & eggs. The result is an astonishing blend of flavours. Medium dry.
Darjeeling Achari£ 7.95
Tender pieces of chicken cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, lemon juice, mixed pickle and Tamarind sauce. Fairly hot, with a strong tangy taste.
Jaipur Chicken Curry£ 7.95
Cooked with red chillies, spring onions, sweetcorn, fresh garlic and ginger. Slowly simmered with cardamon, black pepper and cumin seeds. A touch of creamed coconut provides a spicy sweet taste.
Royal Thali£ 11.95
For those who can’t decide which dishes to choose, why not let our chefs spoil you with your own personal banquet. A mixture of medium strength dishes in lamb, chicken and vegetable. Served with Pilau rice.
Lamb Mint Massala£ 11.95
A south Indian favourite. Lamb chops marinated in yoghurt and lime juice and then cooked with ground turmeric, crushed black pepper, garlic, ginger and garden mint. Served with pilau rice.
Sorisha Sea Bass£ 12.95
Pan fried fillet of sea bass delicately spiced then sautéed in olive oil. Served on a bed of flash fried onions, green peppers, mustard seeds and Rogan Josh sauce. Served with steamed rice.
Hash Special£ 11.95
Grilled shredded comfit of prime duck exclusively prepared with fresh garlic, tamarind and flakes of red chillies and finished in a lingering piquant sauce. Served with spinach rice. Medium
Rothwell Special Rhubarb£ 10.95
Chef’s own creation.Tender Spring Chicken with rhubarb, garlic, spring onions, roasted ground cinnamon,Shallots and methi, creating a symphony of Eastern and Western flavours. Served with pilau rice. Sweet & Medium Spicy
King Prawn Balti£ 8.95
Cooked with fresh ginger, onions, and capsicums to a general Baltisan taste. Rich and medium spiced.
Special Balti£ 7.95
Mouth watering combination of chicken, lamb and mushrooms cooked with fresh whole spices.
Balti Chilli Chicken£ 6.95
A hot and fiery Balti cooked with peppers & green chillies, garnished with coriander.
Chicken Tikka Garlic Balti£ 7.95
Marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices and finally roasted in Balti using fresh ingredients plus a large helping of garlic.
Balti (Chicken or Lamb)£ 6.95
Cooked with fresh ginger, onions, and capsicums to a general Baltisan taste. Rich and medium spiced.
Jaflong Special£ 6.95
Recommended if you have hot taste buds. Chicken or lamb cooked in a fairly hot sauce and garnished with mixed herbs and spices. Fairly hot and spicy.
Paneer Chicken£ 7.95
Cooked with Indian cheese in a rich medium sauce.
Garlic Chilli Flavour£ 6.95
Chicken breast highly flavoured in garlic and simmered in plum tomatoes, crushed ginger and peppers.
Saag (Chicken or Lamb)£ 6.95
Cooked with fresh spinach, ginger & garlic.
Lemon Chilli Chicken£ 6.95
Marinated chicken in a delightfully spicy sauce with fresh lemon, spring onions, red onions, garlic, ginger paste and sprinkled with fresh coriander.
Zhinga Special£ 7.95
Spring chicken and Keema (mince) cooked with subtle herbs and spices with coriander and cherry tomatoes. A popular choice.
Biryani’s (Various)£ 8.95
Served with a biryani sauce
Zoya’s Mixed Curry£ 7.95
A mixture of lamb, chicken and prawn cooked with Spring onions, cherry tomatoes, ginger and garlic. Medium.
Special Karahi£ 7.95
Chicken and lamb mixed with peas and chana daal (lentils) cooked in a very rich sauce, spiced with many blends of flavours.
Karahi£ 6.95
Chicken or Lamb. Whole spices, green chillies, peppers & garlic. Rich flavour. Medium.
Mixed Vegetable Bhaji£ 3.50
Aloo Gobi£ 3.50
Garlic Mushrooms£ 3.50
Bhindi Bhaji£ 3.50
Taarka Daal£ 3.50
Saag Paneer£ 3.50
Cauliflour Bhaji£ 3.50
Saag Aloo£ 3.50
Bombay Potatoes£ 3.50
Mushroom Bhaji£ 3.50
Garlic & Cheese Naan£ 2.70
Keema Rice£ 2.50
Raitha£ 1.20
Pickle Tray£ 1.75
Poppadom (Plain or Spicy)£ 0.50
Chips£ 1.95
Paratha (various)£ 2.50
Tandoori Roti£ 1.95
Chapati£ 0.90
Garlic & Chilli Naan£ 2.70
Keema Naan£ 2.50
Cheese Naan£ 2.50
Peshwari Naan£ 2.50
Garlic Naan£ 2.30
Naan£ 2.20
Oulton Special Naan£ 2.80
This new creation of naan is stuffed with spring onion, cheese, diced chicken tikka and garlic. Truly unique!
Special Rice£ 2.50
Eggs and peas
Lemon Rice£ 2.50
Egg Rice£ 2.50
Mushroom Rice£ 2.50
Spring Onion Rice£ 2.50
Pilau Rice£ 2.30
Steamed Rice£ 2.20